The two-week Health and Wellness Summit is completed except for the two-hour webinar tonight. I must say, it was both overwhelming, and far more expansionary than I could have ever imagined. It included two months of intensive study on my part, a two-hour live kick-off webinar, and two-weeks of answering over 250 people’s personal questions about Health and Wellness in all areas.
There were some incredibly important revelations, some of which I summarize below:
·Most people still want to ask someone else, instead of learning to decipher and read their own energy for answers. In other words, live in conscious creation.
·The three most prevalent beliefs from this large group that represents the collective consciousness: 1) I can never be God, 2) I am not good enough and 3) I don’t know what I want (they think they do, but can’t verbalize it).
·We learned that the core beliefs on our sheets COULD be miasms, which are layers of the “belief” that you have to uncover.
·We learned that Covid is a miasm of the collective consciousness that is built on the belief “When I am multidimensional, I must experience sickness” (Meaning, when I wake up and expand, I have to go out of balance somehow).
·We experienced, again, that “As you do anything, you do everything.” Some people did not choose to participate in the emails, or listen to the many valuable recordings included, or even read the instructions on where to email me. So, if I am the Universe, I have supplied the POSSIBILITIES to them but it is their RESPONSIBILITY to follow through and take action! Just reading a book, attending a lecture or workshop, and signing up WILL NOT CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Your conscious living, directing your thoughts, actions and feelings, WILL change your life.
There is so much more, but I cannot tell you the enlightening breakthroughs I, and many, experienced.
I honor the people that participated, and we’re open to learning and shifting in their consciousness. They helped themselves. They helped the world.
I invite all of you to ask in this moment: How can I be more conscious in my life to create what I intend? And then, follow your guidance. You Know. We All Know.
“A life lived of choice is a life of conscious action. A life lived of chance is a life of unconscious creation.”
-Neale Donald Walsch