There is a difference between creating and the completion of that creation. Something being manifested can hang out for long, sometimes indefinite periods of time before it takes physical form. So, we want to not only define ourselves as masterful creators, but masters of completion. We need to hold the intention from day one that our dreams and desires are manifested into awesome completion, joy, and love.


I hear so often, “I have been studying these principles for years. Why hasn’t my manifestation become reality? ” Because you can’t keep TRYING to get somewhere and BE there at the same time. That is what all teachers know: I KNOW my subject while I continually EXPAND my knowing.


As you know, we find ourselves, and through that definition, we direct our energy. Be very clear you are defining yourself as someone who is COMPLETE IN THEIR CREATION. Remember, you must claim it to manifest it. I Am Complete in money, success, health, relationships, and love. I Am a Complete Manifester.