It’s up. Why can’t I? Why is it so hard to do…? Why can’t I get it up to…? Why can’t I finish the…? It’s all about completion.

Here is what the channel wants you to know about completion:

1) We fear completion because a) we might be too powerful and b) we might find out how powerful we really are.

2) Any block from your Little Child or your alter-ego will create procrastination, things falling out, almost getting there, not feeling “good enough” and “I can’t create what I want.” 

However that limitation expresses itself, that is the electrical charge you put out that the Universe matches.

Again, the best way to move ahead in completion is to claim, ” I Am Completion.” I feel joy and excitement and love around me completing everything. 

I tell my brain, “We complete everything.” We re-parent our little children to know that completion is possible and fun and that they are safe to be powerful and complete the creations they desire. And that, no matter what they witnessed about their parents not completing things…especially the things they wanted…it is possible for us to complete things that we want!

We just can’t give ourselves any outs, guys! My intention is completion. I am committed to completion. I Am completion. And so, it is!



“Every child is a thought in the mind of God, and our task is to recognize this thought and help it toward completion.”

– Eberhard Arnold