Confidence is the opposite of doubt. So to gain confidence, you must understand what doubt is. Doubt is always about something that is positive. You doubt someone’s honesty; you never doubt their dishonesty. You doubt the goodness in other people; you never doubt their bad qualities. If someone says, “I love you very much, you say,┬áReally?” But if someone says “I hate you”, you never question it. You doubt your own capabilities, but you never doubt your incapabilities. You doubt love and you doubt happiness. You say, ” I’m not sure. Am I really happy now?”┬áBut you never say, “Am I really depressed? Am I really angry?” You never doubt the negative. Your doubt is always about something that is good. I’m not saying don’t doubt, I’m saying analyze your doubt. Understand the nature of your doubt first, before you try to understand what you are doubting. When doubt clears, confidence appears. Once you eliminate the negative, you will see the positive is already present.

Blessings, Dee