I must have caught myself at least twenty times declaring: What is going on? I am forgetting things. Loosing things. I just feel unfocused! My actions, and the resulting confusion in my world, was foreign to me at this point in my creation and life. This is not my norm…anymore.

It began when I left my new mouth guard in Florida. I remembered it on the way to the airport. Fortunately, it was early after my departure, they easily found it, and it was overnight-ed to me and received the next day.

The second experience was leaving my money folder…full of money…at a restaurant at the airport. I discovered it when I was getting ready to board. Fortunately, the waitress found it, protected it, and I recovered it easily.

Then I got to my sister-in-laws house in Kansas City to discover all my good jewelry was not in the suitcase. I know I meticulously looked over the room before I hurried to the last day of the convention. I frantically called the hotel. One of the managers personally went to check. 

Obviously I, nor the maid, remembered to check all the drawers. The jewelry was found, and we drove back and retrieved it.

I was mulling all these occurrences over. I knew there was something I needed to address because my life runs smoothly and in order 99% of the time when I remember to direct my day in the morning. 

Was it because I was visiting the home of my brother who had died for the first time since his death?

No. That’s what my mental mind wanted me to accept. But the instances started long before my visit there. What I got to for me personally was a deep-seated belief that I “had to pay in some way for creating everything I wanted.”


That one is STILL lurking around? 

Must be the core of the proverbial energetic onion. It was time to send it down the garbage disposal.

I left for the airport to come home. As I was standing at my assigned number for Southwest, two women in front of me were commiserating about how “confused” they had been trying to change planes and leaving the security area by mistake. 

Then a woman approached me saying I was in her place. When we checked her boarding pass, she was on another flight. “I’m so confused,” she claimed as she walked away. 

Then a man came to get in line. “This is the B group?” he asked. Nope, the A group we all responded. “It’s so confusing!” he exclaimed.

We know in our work that things hit us in the face when we are supposed to address and redirect them. This is how The Universe speaks to us to get our attention. Well, it was hitting me over the head with a hammer. This was bigger than my personal agenda. This was, obviously, Universal. And here is the belief:


This means that when we are not claiming and stating that we ARE focused, clear, confidant, remembering, knowing and taking action in Divine Love…we get confused, we get unfocused, we are drawn into doubt etc. 

When we forget to CHOOSE and DIRECT our energy/all energy toward the specifics of the above, life will take us on a merry little journey of…confusion…to wake us up. It limits us from playing in the field of ALL POSSIBILITIES because we get focused on the minutia and that puts us into self-doubt regarding our potential to create.


So let’s get busy doing what we have been taught: direct the day in the morning, direct yourself/define yourself as Knowing, Clarity, Wellness and Wealth flow, Success and Divine Love. Now and consistently.

See the world showing up to honor and protect you. (There was a guardian angel in each of the scenarios above taking care of me.)

Feel love around each of these claims.

Hold your focus on the exciting possibilities before you.

Let’s do this!!


“Your I Am Presence IS your creative power. If you are not directing It consciously, you are creating by default.” 

-Dee Wallace