Wellllllllllllllll, I can’t wait to explain this one to you. My younger brother and his wife have been visiting, and we were talking about my work and our essential tremors. He has a much more severe case of them than I do. He had to leave his job in Homeland Security because of it. My older brother has it, too. Then came the words: It runs in the family. Now, you know what the channel says about genetics: genetics are beliefs locked in our energy that are handed down to us, and we agree to own them.  I got the pendulum.
The channel didn’t want to start with essential tremors. It wanted to start with “shaking.” And, to make a longer session more succinct, here is what it led to:

If this belief is in place, whenever we create happiness, we must attach it in some way to an unhealthy situation.  For example, a couple can have a really wonderful day of love and acknowledge that, and one of them then does something, like getting drunk, to create a state of unhappiness/unhealthiness. OR you create a really awesome job you are happy in and proceed to create unhappiness through judgment or some altercation that matches the above belief. OR you get a charge being in some state (physical, mental, emotional, chemical, cosmic, or dimensional) of distress and equate that with happiness. This can occur, for example, if you witnessed your mother being loved more because she was sick. In any case, HAPPINESS AND LACK OF HEALTH IN SOME AREA OF YOUR LIFE MUST TAKE PLACE.

Then, the channel took us directly to Essential Tremors. We went to the movie, “Flight of the Intruder.” And then to “I Am the Highest Answer.” The message: When we live in the belief that Happiness and Unhealthiness must exist together, it “Intrudes” upon our ability to know we create our happiness and our health. It keeps us from truly KNOWING. And with true Knowing, comes manifestation.
When these two things are “fighting and pushing against each other,” our nervous systems cannot handle the discord, and we shake. Wow.
This is an example of how we fight against ourselves when we are not integrated in the positives. Let us align ourselves with all positives interconnected with each other, and claim, ‘Wellness and Happiness live harmoniously within me now.’

Blessings, Dee