Today, I want to discuss Core Belief #3: I don’t think I have enough energy to do this. However, we are tweaking it a bit to read: I don’t know I Am the energy that creates (and fill in the blank.)


IF you don’t truly know that YOU are the energy, you keep “waiting” for the answers and the power to come from outside of yourself. That is a choice that creates you not accepting the awesome responsibility, and opportunity, of self-creation, and establishes a pattern of “waiting.” Waiting is not creating.

This process takes you to your mind, where you question and doubt your possibilities and your power to create them. And that severely limits, if not denies you, the access to your own power. And so you keep “trying” to get there, which continues the circle of non-creation, which establishes more of CB# 3.


Again, here are the steps:

1) Know exactly what you want

2) Commit to the creation of it

3) Know and embrace that YOU are the power that brings this thought into physical manifestation

4) Feeeeeeeeeeel into joy and love FOR THE SHEER REASON OF LIVING IN THAT SPACE

5) Know it’s done and let go

6) Take INSPIRED action. Action which you are in alignment with through love

7) Receive


Strop TRYING. START receiving!


It’s so much easier than you think!