Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeell, birthdays are another favorite yearly celebration of mine. I love honoring and giving to others, and I love celebrating my own! It is a yearly tradition to gather all my closest girlfriends together for lunch at our favorite birthday spot. We share good food, mimosas, and tell…and re-tell…stories old and new. It is a time of bonding, remembering, and communing.


And yes, this year will be different. This year, we will all be giving to the greater good by not gathering. We will be choosing to celebrate being responsible and giving the gift of mental security and well-being to our fellow man. This, we all acknowledge, is the greatest gift of love we can extend to each other, and to the world this year.


So today, I will revisit the wonderful memories in pictures I have of birthdays past, and dwell in the glow of knowing these old friendships will always be present in my life for many birthdays to come. This year is a time of giving more than any other. Give your understanding. Give your time, Give your donations. And give your respect to all your fellow mankind. Give your choice of responsibility. There will be many celebrations to come!