I’m laughing. As soon as I typed the above my computer let me know there was no such word as ” creational .” Well, there is now.
Like our beloved friend ” recigive ” (also underlined as a non-word), the channel has supplied us with important NEW words to expand our Knowing.     Here is the definition for Creational Abuse: the act of teaching limiting beliefs, fears, and perspectives to children who come in as powerful creators. This is the practice of Sins of the Fathers that keeps false teachings being sent out to the Ionosphere lifetime after lifetime, generation to generation.  It is as harmful as physical, mental or sexual abuse BECAUSE IT TAKES AWAY OUR POWER TO KNOW WE ARE OUR OWN CREATORS so we consciously do not create the other abuses in our lives.
And so we say to our parents and grandparents: I forgive you because you didn’t know you were creating Creational Abuse. And we say to ourselves: We acknowledge that we must teach our children (including our Little Children within us) that they are powerful in their own creation, and to practice that power with Divine Love.
We stop to peruse our lives from the age of conception through 6/7 years to study where are power was diminished or thwarted by well meaning parents and teachers and guardians, realize we chose them so we would be aware of the area we wanted to regain our power in, thank them, and get busy with the job of creating ourselves consciously NOW.
Right now in this moment.
Only then do we begin the process of receiving our power back from the Ionosphere because we have consciously sent new, consistent information out!
Blessings, Dee