Was mind-blowing. The information that will serve the entire community in the next year that was channeled to us, was empowering, expansive, and taught us new and exciting ways to make the work even more powerful in the upcoming years. We learned about dimensions, Universes, Parallel Universes, new healing modalities, remote healers and “the spiritual brain.”


What was most empowering was the expanded understanding of what we were already doing, and how to strengthen and use it to affect more energy.


And, of course, there was the friendship and camaraderie and love that creates the space for true healing to take place.


We strengthened our signal output so The Universe can hear us, and answer us, in bigger and more expanded ways.


I thank all the participants who attended, both in person and virtually, for their part in bringing this new information forward. As we know: when many come together with the same intention, miracles happen.