Creation Station this past weekend was amazing. We all got a lot clearer about the work, how to do it, and some complete NEW understandings! Some of the highlights were:


1) We thought we had been “peeling back the onion” from the outer layer to the innermost layer, eliminating beliefs until we got to the “core”. In truth, we have been been doing the opposite! We have been working from the core out so we could get to “umbrella beliefs” that contain many of the core beliefs below it. One of the biggest Umbrella beliefs is “I have to struggle to create.” Another is, “I cannot give myself permission to love who I Am.” You can see that having these Umbrella Beliefs will thwart or limit our progress.


2) The channel gave us much clearer understanding of IDFs. IDFs are belief groups of larger pockets of energy that create patterns in our creation process.The above umbrella statement is also an IDF. All umbrella statements are NOT necessarily IDFs. Another IFD pattern is: I have to be off balance of masculine and feminine energy, which we have begun getting information on.


These are a few of the big highlights of the weekend. Amazing. Expansive. Enlightening!