What an amazing, heart-opening, mind-blowing weekend we just had…and everyone in the community will benefit! Why? Because the energy we shifted and expanded goes into to whole and frequencies must shift. Yours included.


This whole weekend was an exploration of love, self-love, and how to maintain that state when the world throws you challenges. We learned the power of love in the creation of health, money, success, and relationships. But what really blew us away was the channel’s demonstration of how easily it is to shift the energy of manifestation, and how it literally happens within moments when you truly connect what you WANT with LOVE. All subjects turned around within seconds when connected to love. But you must start from that vibration in all your creation. It truly creates the field where all things are possible.


So, open your hearts and chakras, feel love, and simply state the subject you are wishing to manifest. Allow the simplicity and ease. If you had been “in the room where it happened,” you would automatically trust this truth. It was undeniable.



“Miracles are instantaneous at the moment of belief.”
-Ernest Holmes