So I keep pondering why. Why do we put our creativity on hold until we are forced to create something to save ourselves?


Why is a virus the catalyst for playing music on our balconies, celebrating our healthcare workers, appreciating our teachers, etcetera, etcetera? Why do we need a pandemic to realize, and take action toward, broken food distribution chains, scientists worldwide working together, hell, even LISTENING to the scientists?


Wouldn’t it be a kinder, more productive, happier, economically and ecologically better world if we just chose the highest solution in the first place?


The limiting “belief” most of us share is that this is because of money and greed. The channel says no.


It’s about politics. The channel says yes. But not the understanding of politics the way we define it.


In a nutshell, here is the highest and most correct reason why we create the above: WE HAVE TO GIVE UP OURSELVES TO BE VALUED. It is, literally, the politics we play with ourselves.


The first place the channel took me is the Life Subject of Faith. When we get used/abused/disrespected in life, we lose faith as our own creators. We give our power away to “them.”


The second place: We then keep telling our old stories of victim hood, religion, societal messages, etc. I mean, who said teachers should only get paid $60,000 a year and a nurse $80,000, but a basketball player is worth millions? Somewhere, somehow, WE gave permission for that because we didn’t stop and create what we know is equitable and fair.


The third place? Creating these injustices and unfair practices allows us to keep owning, and further creating, limited creation.


Please join me in claiming: I stand firm in my creation of justice, fairness and equity in the creation of me, my life, and my world. I claim my power as the creator of my own value.


And so it is.






“Expelled from individual consciousness by the rush of change, history finds its revenge by stamping the collective unconsciousness with habits and values.”
 -Andrew M. Schlesinger