I received an email about a special meeting addressing Dementia and the Brain. It was being presented by the head of the Brain Performance Lab, with whom I had worked for about six months redirecting my brain through video participation. As a result, I experienced a huge shift in clarity, memory and lessened stress. I wanted to know what he had to say about the specific issue of Dementia. What I learned in a short hour was astounding, and I want to capsulize it for you here.

1) SLEEP – and the quality of sleep – is the leading link to dementia. Deep sleep allows the plaque in the brain to be eliminated by cerebrospinal fluid. To accomplish that, one needs to get to Delta state of deep sleep. If the toxins are allowed to build up in the brain, memory and attention are reduced.

2) FOOD is the second biggest contributor to Dementia. Eat foods that are high in Omega 3 fatty acids, and we need a substantial amount of the specific components of Omega 3s, DHA and EPA (1,000-1,500 total daily.)

A good source is Barlean’s Fish Oil, available on Amazon and other specialty grocery outlets.  Fish (preferably the ones who do not eat other fish) is important. If you are concerned about mercury in fish, eat more farm raised and add selenium to your diet. However, wild caught fish eat more algae which is higher in Omega 3s. Avocado, almonds, etc. are among other foods high in Omega 3s. Omega 3s are also anti-inflammatory.

3) EXERCISE is vital to brain health. (He recommends we read the book by J. Ratey called SPARK, available on Amazon) Exercise increases communicators in the hippocampus, increases Glutamate production, and helps regulate brain waves. Movement, basically, makes us learn faster. 

STRESS limits Omega 3s. He recommends Magnesium Glycinate (2-4mgs) to help Omega 3s be absorbed into the body.

Basically, anyone who has received ANY kind of brain trauma (where the brain hits against the inside of the skull) is more likely to develop Dementia. Fortunately, there is help with the use of a brain scan, which can indicate what should be done to reduce or stop the progress of the disease. He also sighted the fact that babies need Omega 3s for brain development. Years ago the FDA suggested pregnant women cut back on Omega 3s, and autism, etc. was seen to rise. 

Of, course, I invite you to research this on your own. For more research, google www.BrainPerformance.com or call 1-800-385-0710 . You might also want to research Daniel Amen and his work on brain science.



“We know that efficiency and effectiveness are increased when you are getting enough sleep, and it will take you longer to do the same thing on an underslept brain, which means you have to end up staying awake longer. So goes the vicious cycle.”

 – Matthew Walker