I am, literally, on my way back home after two and a half weeks of traveling.


I can hear E.T,’s longing voice calling his heart to return to those he loves. I identify

Yes, Judy, “there’s no place like home.” Like Toto, Freedom will be wagging and whining to greet me

I am a jumble of emotions. I am proud to have risen to the occasion and met Germany on my terms. It was a successful trip.  Thank you, Deanna.

Spending time with Denny, my older brother and soulmate, was special and full of love and, yes, a little sad. I hate to see him not as vital as he has always been in life. And I celebrated with him his resilience in bouncing back and claiming his life force again.  It was a special time for both of us.

Now I return home to begin the holidays, my favorite time of the year. Here, too, I am being tested in my Knowing as Gabrielle will be leaving for a month to travel Bali and Vietnam. I won’t have my girl here for her birthday, Thanksgiving, pie-making, Christmas cookie making, or my birthday

There is no part of me that resents her going. There is a part of me that will feel the hole of not having her here to create the special moments we create each year that only the two of us can share. She may have turned thirty-one, but she is always my baby and my little girl in the memories we create each year. I will miss that. 

A lot.

It seems that all of this is asking me to live in the moment, and accept the moment, and create my joy and happiness in the moments as they present themselves

Every moment with Denny was special.

Every moment in Germany was a challenge and a choice.

Every moment without Gabrielle will be an opportunity to make those moments special on my own.

They were/are all MY moment. MY choice. MY creation

I choose to always rise to the occasion, and create brilliantly my own happiness and perspective.

I Am the Creation of Me.

And so it is!


“I am constantly evolving. The moment I stop my evolution is the moment I disservice myself and, ultimately, those I love.” 

 -Frances Bean Cobain