Weeeeeeeeel, that’s what I thought I was feeling.


So, you know me, I checked in with the channel. Depression? Nope. Anxiety? Nope. What the heck? I knew I was feeling something that felt like those two subjects!


The channel led me to the sheets, and to the Life Subject of “Loving Myself.” Well, I gotta tell you that stopped me cold. Whaaaaaaaaat? And under that subject was the core belief, “When I come alive, I am sick.”


I just sat there. Then, I thought, when did this feeling start? Hmmm, a few days after all the info around The Zero Point came in. But, I was excited about that! “Yes”, the channel replied, “And then you started doubting. You went into that old fear of ‘what if I’m wrong, and taking wrong info out to my community.’


“And that”, the channel continued, “is how you betray yourself.” That doubt and that questioning from fear is how you betray yourself in self-love. And then that’s what the Universe must answer.


I stopped cold. Bingo, right on, totally accurate. And that limits the miraculous results that are in the realm of all possibilities. So, what to do?


Number 1…What do I want? To absolutely know and trust myself and God/The Universe in the creation of me. Knowing that intention, I take myself into my love place, and claim, “I Am the Zero Point of all health and wellness.” I know. I am clear. I trust me as the creator of me.


I feel like a weight has been lifted from my energy. We must have faith in ourselves and in the world for miracles to happen. Trust yourselves, my beautiful people I love. Be the miracle you are!


“Confidence is the opposite of doubt. So to gain confidence, you must understand what doubt is. Doubt is always about something that is positive.

You doubt someone’s honesty; you never doubt their dishonesty. You doubt the goodness in other people; you never doubt their bad qualities. If someone says, “I love you very much,” you say, “Really?” But if someone says, “I hate you,” you never question it. You doubt your own capabilities, but you never doubt your incapabilites. You doubt love and you doubt happiness. You say, “I’m not sure. Am I really happy now?” But you never say, “Am I really depressed? Am I really angry?” You never doubt the negative. Your doubt is always about something that is good. I’m not saying don’t doubt, I’m saying analyze your doubt. Understand the nature of your doubt first, before you try to understand what you are doubting. When doubt clears, confidence appears. Once you eliminate the negative, you will see the positive is already present.”