Some exciting news dropped on the show on 10/8!


We discovered that we all had an invisible, energetic shield around us that we put up long ago (sometimes lifetimes) that we use as protection. We are “shielding” ourselves from hurt and harm.


However, that shield has been giving out the signal “don’t approach … I’m not open to working with you” to the Universe. This shows up in jobs not being secured, money not flowing in, friendships that are strained or not completed, etc. It shields the signal of an open heart, and keeps energy wanting to connect with ours at arm’s length.


On the show, we were directed to “drop the shield”. Today, that is expanded to “dissolve the shield.” And how do we do that? Like everything:


1) What do I want?  I am creating my energy to be free and clear so my open heart reaches all energy.

2) I go to my love place and feeeeeeeeeeel the love around #1.

3) I commit to the creation and invite the Universe to partner with me in the creation of this now.

4) I let go, trusting that all is done.


I am sure we will get more discernment in the weeks to come. I hope you will join me in being a part of this!