1. I was at my guru doctor’s office getting my adrenals tuned up after these fast and furious past weeks. We were going over some tests and he made the statement that I had some beginning plaque in my brain. “You know,” he added, “we’re both getting older.” I stopped and smiled at him. I love this man, and all he has done for me and my health. “Thanks for that observation,” I answered, “But I don’t accept that belief …” I watched his energy as he absorbed that. “Good,” he replied.


And then this flood of information began pouring in. What is the highest thing to direct to release all this easily from my body and brain? The first words I heard were “Ease and flow.” I asked him. “Flow,” he repeated. Wow.


And then I heard clarity. He muscle tested me again. “That’s stronger …” And then I was overtaken by this aha that screamed at me, “Divine Clarity.” We tested it. He couldn’t budge my arm at all.


We took a moment to relish in this. I could feeeeeeeeeel the enormity of its truth. How can we know we are Divine Love without having Divine Clarity? And when we ARE Divine Love, all frequencies align with that. Including health and wellness. So what is the highest claim? I AM DIVINE CLARITY. I AM DIVINE LOVE.


Simply … miraculous!