…to have this work? I didn’t know the extent of how lucky we all are until the last few weeks. Everything seems to be in a complete state of chaos everywhere in my life: all across my family, with several challenges in the community and the world. Personally, I feel like this particular time is one of the greatest challenges ever bestowed upon me. And yet, because of this work, I am remarkably balanced. I am taking things a step at a time. I am not going into overwhelm, even though my sense memory sometimes screams out “Yes! Go into overwhelm. That’s what you are SUPPOSED to do.” But I make another choice. A different choice. A stronger choice. A choice of self-love that encourages me to love myself and stay objective and stay focused on the balance that I know creates the life I want.
And so I am celebrating this amazing work of consciousness we all share: this mindfulness state of living that ensures that, no matter what the world may hit us with, we are still powerful creators of the choice of love, peace, harmony and joy. And balance.

I have been musing on how I would have handled all these challenges even five years ago. Not well. And I was fairly well advanced even then in the art of this conscious living.

Blessings, Dee