It is quite unbelievable to me what is happening when I am looking for people to serve me: painters, electricians, refinance people … it’s running amok everywhere! And what is It? A lackadaisical attitude about getting what you want. I am the Universe, and they are walking into my room and looking me square in the eyes and energetically shouting: Hi. I’d really love your business. I even have great referrals! I’m just going to take four days to get back to you, and then another three days to give you a quote, and then I can’t get there for three weeks blah, blah, excuse, excuse.  

Seriously? Do you want the damn job or not?

But how many of us are doing this very same practice … with ourselves?  

I really want to build my website, I really want to lose the weight, I really want to make more money, find a job, create more health … BUT.

Those buts are, literally, kicking ourselves in the butt. We end up not wanting to follow through because we aren’t coming through for ourselves! And here is the primary core belief: I have to get my power from somewhere else before I use my power.


     I have to know my business will grow before I invest in my website

     I have to know the job is worth it before I act on a submission

     I have to know I can lose the weight before I commit

     I have to know I will be accepted before I apply

Etc., etc., etc.

But energy doesn’t work that way. Energy works in response to you choosing, committing, and taking action from a place of joy, excitement and love. YOU HAVE TO COMMIT FIRST. I Am doing this! Now world … respond!

Which brings us to another core belief that must be in place: I create successfully with all other energy. I choose and commit, and the energy I call forth responds. Always and successfully.

So be the energy of You who directs the energy of You to respond and show up for yourselves first. Then all energy must respond to you … because you are responding to yourself. 

Yippee and whohoo!


“It has always been my belief that a man should do his best, regardless of how much he receives for his services, or the number of people he is serving or the class of people served.”  

-Napoleon Hill