I am hot and heavy into a new book entitled Mind Over Matter by Dawson Church. It is blowing my mind. Literally. It is a plethora of scientific facts documenting everything we teach in this spiritual work.
When you all ask the channel about what you should do when some family member, friend, boss etc. is being a negative force in your life, the channel guides you through your own need of awareness and self-love, and then, if nothing changes, it urges you to WALK AWAY from the negative influence. And this is why:
I read this phrase in the book: Emotions are contagious. Church continues,” Emotions are contagious in the same way infectious diseases are contagious. This isn’t only true of negative emotions such as fear, stress, and sadness. It is also the case for joy and contentment.” He goes on to state research confirming that one person’s happiness can boost that of another for as long as a year. (Think of what living with someone who is constantly negative does to your energy!)
And then, as in much of the book, he goes into love. “When the frequency of our consciousness is love, we naturally connect with others who resonate with that shared energy field.” He stated studies where they had actually measured a ripple effect of love: three degrees of separation out, people became happier. Having a friend who had a friend who was happy increased the chances of the original person’s happiness by 15%! For those of you who teach and lead groups in any way, the positive emotion enhances the performance of the whole team.
So, if we are in self-love, imagine what the power of that love and happiness is doing for us even BEFORE we go out and interact with other’s love and positivity. And then imagine if you are not loving yourself and surrounding yourself with negative, joyless, demeaning people. How is that infectiously defining you?
We must step up and take responsibility for our own good, our own empowerment, our own self-love. Not only for ourselves, but for all of those around us. We can-and are-the change we want to see in this world.
Spread the love!
Blessings, Dee
“As our consciousness is filled with love, our brains function very differently.”
Dawson Church