According to Webster’s Dictionary, an ailment is “a morbid affection of the body or mind.” That blew my mind. We have an “unhealthy mental state of the mind, and we have an affection for that unhealthy state.”

Wow. According to the channel, we are holding on to unhealthy states because our brain has been taught that the struggle to repair ourselves is essentially better and more exciting than retraining our brains to experience and create healthy affections to love, ease and joy. Seriously, I am over it. The pain, discomfort and anger that it is causing me in my life aren’t worth it. And I have to decide to choose and commit to a life of love and joy. Period.

Again, I so want to find out “Why I can’t” and “Why it is so hard to choose and commit to it.” But those questions are exactly the reasons I don’t. Those are the things keeping me from the choice I want to make: freedom from my own prison. Retraining the brain to choose and commit WHAT I WANT is thwarted automatically when I ask “Why can’t I” or “What’s in my way?” The answer is, and always has been, nothing. There is nothing in my way of choosing this except me fighting to stay right and unhappy. There is nothing in my way but me being divided against myself.

This division, in my own defense, has largely been “handed down to me” through centuries of wrong teachings and incorrect belief systems and perceptions. But IN THIS MOMENT NOW, I can choose to allow them to dissipate and not have dominion over me anymore. I get to choose what I want. And commit.

This can be a daunting task, a task that brings up all sorts of self-loathing and self-judgment when I fall below the desired results. That happens because the contrast begins to be so overbearingly apparent that it can drive us crazy. And that is where self-love is so important. “Yes, Deanna, you are trying to think and act and walk and REact in a whole new way. Give yourself a break. Love yourself through it.”

And that is why communities like ours are so very important. We love each other through.

And so, in this next week, let us love ourselves and each other through the amazing journey of recreating the brains of our future: deciding new goals, new perceptions and new reactions. Making the most important decision of self creation: New Choice. This is what I want, I am committed to it, and I create it from my enoughness. I want a brain and subconscious on board with me to do this. And so it is.

Blessings, Dee xo