The nuances around this subject can be tricky to decipher. It’s coming up a lot in my life with different people in different areas.

Entitlement has a negative, who-do-you-think-you are vibe to it. 

Personal Power is a positive attribute most of us are aspiring to attain. 

But the qualities can seem similar. I think it is important to understand so we don’t back away from owning and exercising our personal power.

Here is the channeled information regarding this subject:

-Entitlement: Actually a bravado expression of power THAT WE REALLY DO NOT FEEL WE DESERVE. In other words, we feel we don’t have the power so we overcompensate and “inflate” our signal. This can repel, or intimidate, people receiving our signal.

-Personal Power: It is a knowing, not a “hoping or trying.” It is often quiet in expression, but can naturally move into a more powerful voice when needed. It is often based in a strong calling (i.e. climate change)

-Entitlement: An expression energetically of “trying to be born.” It is the bull knocking down the fence to get where it wants to go.

-Personal Power: Acknowledging the reality that there are no walls. There is only creation of what you want.

-Entitlement: Feeling someone should create for you, or give to you, what you “deserve” (although parts of you don’t feel deserving.)

-Personal Power: Knowing that you are working together for the good of the whole … joyfully.

-Entitlement: The failure to know all energy is One. It connotes “Me vs. You.” It separates with “I deserve this because I am me and you don’t because that is you.”

-Personal Power: Again, it is the Knowing that “we are all One.” What’s mine is yours and vice-versa. I will respect you as an equal.

Both Entitlement and Personal Power can get you what you want. The important question to ask is, “At what cost to my consciousness and the consciousness of others do I receive and create?”

I invite you to Know you are God, and quietly claim the personal power of creation that knowing brings you.

Claim the personal power through Divine Love that you are!


“I react very badly when mediocrity throws a tantrum of entitlement.” 

-Lee Siegel