Equality. It’s certainly a word that is up right now. Equal rights, equal pay, equal opportunity. But what is equality from the standpoint of the bipartisan-world of all possibilities- channel?

Equality is, first, the right to choose. We are equal in our choice and our power to choose. In truth, that is always the case. But many of us have been taught the illusion that others can take our voice away from us. Let us take, for example, the “choice” to come to America. With that choice comes opportunity, and responsibility. With that choice might come laborious and tedious vetting, working for years to have the capital to relocate, perhaps even leaving family behind. That “choice” brings with it demands for other choices that impact that one choice. Also, in the example before us politically right now, many feel that the initial choice is being ripped from them. But the channel insists choice can NEVER be taken from us, because whatever the circumstance, we still have the right to choose another choice, a new response, an acceptance or denial.  So the best antidote for inequality here is to always stay in the choice that creates the most love and personal harmony within ourselves. The challenge here is ACCEPTANCE.

Secondly, equality is freedom from our own struggle. We cannot be/feel equal to the balance, health and prosperity we want without letting go of the stories, grudges and blame that hold and define us as victims. If we define ourselves as victims, we must create scenarios in life that fulfill that definition. Ergo, more struggle and less equality. Our hearts remain closed to the possibility of creating our own Freedom.

Third, equality is knowing and claiming our SELF WORTH. But we must know it within, first. All parts of us must be united in experiencing our own magnificence. Our constitution says “all men are created equal.” The good book says, “All men are equal in the eyes of God.” And yet we spend most of our lives feeling less than or competing with—neither an experience of equality. How, then, can we ask the world to acknowledge our equalness when we cannot experience it about ourselves and within ourselves?

So to create Equality for ourselves and the world we must:
Then, and only then, will we experience equality in its highest form.

Blessings, Dee