That was my week. Every single person that works for me and is there to support me, let me down last week.

And if you have a belief driving that perspective, that is how you see the world and that is the experience you get.

My cleaning lady didn’t show up.
My producer couldn’t do the Sunday show.
Joanie gave me a two week notice.
My production was three weeks late paying me.
AND I was trying to handle all this while earnestly trying to digest that my son-in-law had been having a five month affair on my daughter, filing for divorce, and moving her back in with me.
If anyone had a right to scream “Life isn’t fair dammit” it was me. Except I know too much about this work and life and the creation process. I heard the words in my head, “Everybody lets me down.” Well, I thought, I better let THAT one go. So I began the work of introspection. It took me to a core belief: “When I am connected to the I Am I am not safe.” Huh? What the hell did that really mean?

It meant that the more powerful I am, and the more I know I am my creator, the less safe I am in the world. With a belief like that, everyone has to bail on me. And boy, were they.
So what do I WANT to believe/know/perceive? That the more powerfully I embrace my creative right and ability, the more everyone/the Universe/God shows up and comes through for me. I literally, as the God of Me, have to direct that all energy comes through for me when I am directing my own energy.  Read that again:

I have to direct the energy of me to know that all energy supports and comes through for me because I am accepting the power of that choice and sending it out. As we learned in the last webinar: direct yourself in your asking before you direct any other energy.

So I am choosing to let that limiting belief fall away, and match the new belief of glorious support to be matched with love and joy. I want the world and everyone in it to show up for me. And I choose to know that when I Am my powerful self, that is precisely what happens. Won’t you join me?

Blessings, Dee