You might think these are defined by the lack of the other: If I have energy, I am not exhausted, if I am not exhausted, I have energy. But they are much more intertwined in a partnership, or pattern, if you will. Think of the following as a circle:
At the top is energy, meaning I have lots of energy. To the right is: I do not honor myself and come through for myself. I don’t say what I want. At the bottom of the circle is: In order for me to come through for myself, I have to fight for my own compliance. I have to fight to give myself what I want. At the left side of the circle is: I am exhausted from not honoring myself, and fighting through anyway. The new top: I feel exhausted.

It’s a vicious circle that we are perpetuating by not listening to the still, small voice within. It may be still and small, but it is shouting loudly and clearly…THIS IS WHY YOUR BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT ARE EXHAUSTED! Start coming through for yourself! Listen!

You see, most of us are feeling really guilty about…listening. To ourselves. So in order to actually do what is best for ourselves, we have to punish ourselves with “fighting through” and making ourselves do what we really do not want to do. And that is just damn exhausting. And if we take it further in expanding out, we are God energy/the God of us. If we (and our Little Child) cannot depend on The God of Us us to take care of us, then it follows that we are not trusting God to take care of us, either. We are doubting. That is when our bodies, and minds and world circumstances hit us between the eyes so we will START CHOOSING WHAT WE WANT. We have a choice, always, to choose what we really want. But we can’t if we think we need to give ourselves up in any way to be loved by the God of Self and by The God.

So the next time the should haves, would haves and could haves come along, STOP. Ask yourself: What do I really want? To say yes? No/Maybe? I just don’t want to? I’ll find someone else to help? I just don’t want to be here anymore? WHAT? What does the still small voice of You really want? Better start listening before that proverbial brick hits you between the eyes, and you realize you haven’t been listening. Time to be valued!

Blessings, Dee