We are heading into another dimension of the work, one where we have never gone before. (Hear strains of Star Trek.) And we are going there BECAUSE of the work we have already done that has opened, cleaned up, and redefined the energy that we are.


Until now, we have been working with the electrical field. We know that our thoughts and feelings shoot out electrical charges to the Universe, which is electromagnetic. Now we will begin to incorporate a field that is not electrical, which will hugely affect and expand our healing and manifestation abilities. We are beginning to work with the field of IDFs. IDFs stand for Intrinsic Data Fields. They are like blueprints or plans within our energy but are not energy per se. They hold patterns of repetition in our creation process from the beginning of time. We would not have uncovered them from our testing up until now.


They especially affect health. And we declared at the beginning of last year that we would become clear about how to successfully create health and wellness, eliminating the experience of disease. Disease is a pattern we keep repeating. We don’t need to.


I invite you to participate in this new discovery with me, holding the intention that the zero point of the being of health and wellness is open and available to all of us! Hear the latest information from Sunday’s show below.