The webinar on Rules was incredibly insightful! We were given extremely detailed information about how to most greatly use rules, make rules, and live within rules for successful creation in our lives.

There were four main categories of people and how they best work with rules, and that information has already expanded!
So, I want to give you all a heads up:

We can function with different needs for rules within different subjects of our lives. For example, we may need and want very distinct rules around the subject of MONEY (I need to know exactly what I have, I need to have strict budget guidelines, etc.). We may need/want NO rules in the subject of HEALTH (I want to eat anything I want, I never want to see doctors), We may be most comfortable with soft guidelines and rules around RELATIONSHIPS (I want a certain sex and I want them to be financially secure but I’m open about a lot of other issues.) We may need to make all the rules in the subject of SUCCESS (It’s my way or the highway and everyone must adhere).

These can float around to different subjects with different needs, but essentially it comes down to this: We may live by different rules within different subjects.  If that is true, then to force ourselves into defining ourselves with only one main rule in life will prove to be confusing and, quite possibly, maddening. KNOW THYSELF is where our freedom lies. How do I tick? How does it work for me the best in THIS area of my life?  And then, TO THINE OWN SELF BE TRUE.

You know. You have always known. Accept that you know. It’s ok. You’re safe. In fact, you are the powerful creator of You. And that’s Rule#1.

Blessings, Dee