Whohoooooooo and yippeeeeee and zip-a-dee-doo-dah!

We are on the fast track of speedy creation now. God, how I love these focused packages of private sessions and the specifics they bring in!

The biggest, most complete answer to any question you have is: Know you are the God of you who creates you and your life.

Accept it, claim it, experience it.

Here are five special principals to follow:

1) I Am God/the power that creates me and my life.

2) I CHOOSE the beliefs that embrace and support #1, and everything I wish to create.

3) All energy needs direction, so I consciously choose what I want, commit to it, and direct all energy to partner with me to create my desire.

4) I KNOW that no matter what, the energy follows my direction (positive and negative).

5) LOOOOOOOOOOOOOve what you want. Match love with it in every way. Love + Conscious Choice = energy follows.

OK. Now that you read it … LIVE IT!! Practice it. Be conscious of it. Live in choice. Your choice is your freedom.

Claim/Direct: I Am at peace with the Powerful God I Am.

And so it is.


“I am, therefore there is a God.”  

-Moses Mendelssohn