So, as many of you know, I have had surgery on my eye. They found I had cancer on my lower eyelid. Not the kind that spreads. Simple procedure. It has taught me, and reinforced for me, many of the lessons I teach through the channel.


Interesting that THREE other instances of eye cancer (much worse than mine) have come into my awareness… including one from our dog walker whose best friend just had her entire eye taken out and now “sees” through a glass eye.


Again, when the Universe sends you messages in twos and threes, you are supposed to listen!

Here is what the Body Book says about Eye Cancer:


“They have strong feelings of failure and incompetence, with little sense of self-accomplishment. They believe others are right, and that they are wrong. They have a deep sense of inner worthlessness that they compensate for with unstinting service while they bury their profound rage at their whole life pattern. They repress their negative feelings, especially their anger.”


I have to say I sat here…dumbfounded. There is nothing in me that related to any of that. I checked to see I was balance. I was. Not switched. And I said to the channel, “I don’t feel this way.” And the reply was “Your teenager within does.” And that hit me right between the “eyes.” That is exactly how I felt in high school. Alone. Abandoned. Not good enough. Enraged with my home life.


Obviously, we are soaring into an extended awareness here. We have diligently worked in healing our Little Child. Now it’s time to heal our teenager. I can feel the freedom already enveloping me.


Today, take time to ask your teenager within: How can I help you today?