This is a season based on Faith. Historically, it is based in religion and religious practices. Many of us have graduated from the old teachings into new understandings of how involved we are in the creation of ourselves and our responsibility of choice in our own lives and desires.


At one time we knew we must have faith in the creator we called God to create for us. Now, we are being asked to have faith in ourselves so we may truly experience the power of Conscious Creation and Free Will, so all Energy can work with us.


Remember, no one can think a thought for you, feel a feeling for you, or hold a belief for you that YOU DO NOT CHOOSE. That makes you the God of You, and that means that the more faith you have in yourself as a conscious creator, the more you can create for yourself. Then the Universe/God/Energy rushes forward to match that.


And how do you achieve having faith in yourself?

1) It is a choice

2) Love yourself unconditionally

3) Know exactly what you want, commit to it, and GO!


The belief in yourself must come first. Then the Universe can match that, and you have the proof that feeds your Faith.