I love fall. In Kansas, where I grew up, the trees would become a celebration of beautiful colors. The sweaters would come out. The wood would be stacked for those cozy upcoming nights of hot cocoa and, when we were lucky, smores. It represented the start of the school year, and, in its own way, new beginnings.


In the middle of the year, it was a time to “start anew.”


Living in sunny California, it’s a vastly different experience. Yet, I was reminded of the excitement fall brings when I had an encounter with one of the neighborhood kids. He came over for a popsicle (yes, I’m THAT woman in the cul-de-sac), and we sat on the stoop for a quick chat. He immediately launched into his excitement about going back to school. I inquired why he was so excited. “It’s such a cool time! We get to go back-to-school shopping, and I get to find out who my teacher is. I got Mrs. Schneider this year! I hear she’s really cool and nice! And I get to make new friends. And I get to see my old friends everyday and I get to learn lots of new stuff!” All somehow said without a breath while devouring his cherry popsicle, which years ago he let me know was his favorite.


He left and I stayed on the stoop remembering how much I loved this time of the year and all it represented. And I thought to myself, “You can live in the wonderment and excitement everyday, Dee. It’s your choice.” Indeed. Let’s all choose to live in the wonderment and excitement of new beginnings, with new and old friends, exciting things to learn,  and “back-to-life shopping.”


Everyday is a new beginning for new excitement and journeys. Have a popsicle, and join me!