OK. I’m over it. 

Churchill’s famous words keep ringing in my brain: THE ONLY THING WE HAVE TO FEAR IS FEAR ITSELF. I mean, why has the channel taught us everything about being, staying and creating consciously if we won’t/don’t/aren’t practicing it? 24/7. As a way of life.

If there is any real gift that this virus is teaching us, it is to be present, hold our focus on health and wellness, and stay in love, not fear. We KNOW fear creates more of what we don’t want. And yet I have heard over and over this week: I CAN’T HELP IT.

Well………………..YOU CAN.  And YOU MUST. 

This is the time we get to choose, my beautiful people. Do we really KNOW? Or do we just HOPE? Because we are the creators of that. And that choice creates our reality.

Respect and honor the directives for your safety, WHILE you do the work of creation you have been studying to live. 

Be proactive with your mind and heart about where you choose to focus, and the health you are creating with love. 

Be “tough love” with yourselves and help turn this fear around.

The channel is yelling at me right now that this is reminding us of many of the past lives where we have been incarcerated, held against our will, imprisoned etc. Now we really know how people in cages feel daily in their lives. BUT…this is NOT the same experience, and we have to be ever vigilant that we get to CHOOSE and have control of making the best out of this we can. 

CHOOSE to create and experience peace, adaptation, joy and love everywhere you can. Especially within YOU. Be the force you are. Hold the space for thousands who cannot. 

You are the God of You. 



“In the final analysis there is only one question: FEAR or LOVE?”  

 -Neale Donald Walsch