As an actress, I know this one well. The feeling you have right before going live onstage is a mixture of dichotomy: anticipation, unknowing, trust, panic, excitement, and dread all wrapped up in one glorious moment before you step onto that stage and you are carried home.

Then you are one with the audience, one with your passion, one with creation.


But I have to say, that last moment before the high feels like panicked anxiety that is almost uncontrollable.


I believe we experience that nebulous place of anxious excitement before we make any great leap into the unknown…into a commitment of blind trust after we have done our due diligence in creating what we want.


If the scales tip more toward fear over excitement, it is merely a question of trust: do I trust me, my own creation, my own decisions, my own…Knowing.


And that is a conscious choice we make. If we truly know we are self-creators, we know 1) we chose this experience, 2) we took action to create this experience, and 3) if this experience isn’t what I want, I get to create again. The challenge is to not bail on ourselves before we even get onstage. Because we have to go all the way to get the high. And the high in that moment is always worth it!


So whatever adventure you are setting out to create today, commit to the excitement and joy of it. Know you are walking out on the stage of life and are going to share that high of life you envisioned.


Celebrate the moment.


Don’t doubt. Know.


You deserve the ride!





“Anxiety vs. Excitement is a choice. It is a perspective. One weakens, and one empowers. Choose the perspective that gives you the experience you want.”
-Dee Wallace