My beautiful daughter who is my best friend and fellow healer is in Europe traveling by herself right now. It is a trip that she has wanted to do since high school. She was originally supposed to go with a friend, but at the last minute that was cancelled. She decided to go by herself. When I heard that news, I must admit, I was energetically torn in two. Part of me went into immediate reaction from fear: terrorists, the unknown, not being there to help and guide….all natural LEARNED motherly reactions, I suppose. The other half of me was, literally, in awe. So brave, I thought. I could never do that…go into the unknown by myself. I have to laugh, because that is exactly what I did when I left Kansas and moved to New York!
When I queried her about “if this was the right thing to do” she paused, and in a very calm and knowing voice, stated: “Mom, my greatest fear is being alone. So I might as well go conquer it.” I cannot tell you the amount of pride and awe that swelled up within my heart. Wow, I thought, she is about to live what I teach. It made me realize, also, that I had not given myself credit for all the brave moments in my own life that most certainly put my own mother in a state of panic. And that brought me to perusing this subject of fear.
Why do we fear? What do we fear? Obviously, we fear what we do not know. If we know what to expect, and know we have some control over it, we do not fear, or, at least, handle the fear enough that we can forge onward. Much of our fear is about “doing something wrong that we will never be forgiven for.” What if I go to Europe by myself and I can’t handle it? What do I do THEN about Who I Am? Of course, the empowerment that happens to us when we DO find out what we can create (and that we are creating it) is powerful beyond measure. And if we can’t handle something that we have the choice to know it’s all a part of our learning process re: self-creation and that there is nothing we need to forgive ourselves for. It’s just another opportunity to learn and grow.
Knowing we are the power that chooses the love and joy of our own creation/choice/action to move through fear is what we are here to learn through the experiences we choose. And sometimes, it can be a great challenge. I admit, there were moments I automatically reacted out of fear for Gabrielle’s safety (like the London terrorist attack that happened when she was in Europe.) The channel lovingly reminded me that she is powerful beyond words, and to state: I release you to your own Divine I Am Presence. In other words, “you are not in charge of her creation, mother. She is the power of her own creation. Trust her power. Trust her Divine innate intelligence to choose wisely all her good for this journey.” And that gave me peace.
So I am looking at all the energy of You, and stating,” I release you to your own Divine I Am Presence.” I believe in you. I believe in your power. I believe in your choice to empower yourself. You are loved in this world.


Blessings, Dee