Why do you think the channel is teaching us to stand back, regroup, retrieve our power, and disconnect with our emotions when we are automatically pulled into a reaction?
Yes, there is science backing it all up.
What happens to your brain when you are in reactionary fight or flight? Your primitive survival response gets triggered by thought and emotion.
This disables your ability to think rationally. Blood flows away from your brain and into your muscles. Your thinking brain is, literally, not available for you to use.  It’s like you unplugged your computer: it has all the information but it can’t pull it up for you.
The capillaries in your brain actually constrict to much narrower passages, reducing blood flow. All those skills you learned in therapy, Sunday’s show, or your last healing event, go out the window into your caveman reaction of “running from the bear.”
When you consciously bring yourself back, regain your dominion over you and your thinking, you bring all those resources back for yourself. You think more clearly, can hold your focus, unlock your imagination. The power of a cohesive mind  is that your creation can soar. It literally focuses your mind and opens it to new possibilities.

So the next time you think the channel is bringing you some woo-woo info about staying happy like Mary Poppins, remember it is based in these scientific facts.

Of course, Mary Poppins was a lot of fun, too. And we know fun is a big part of creation.
Combine the best of both worlds. Have fun being conscious.
Blessings, Dee
“A cohesive mind can literally bend the forces of the material Universe.”

Dawson Church