So here we are. We have been delivered. After years of adapting and breaking through to even the acceptance of new ideas and perception, I feel we have crossed into the greatest frontier available to us: Being God.

I say this with humility, and courage, and a true knowing. We thought, oh so many years ago, when the original circle of people sat together and heard quite distinctly, “You can’t just say anymore that you are the likeness, or the energy of, or part of. You need to own ‘I Am God.'” It was a huge leap for us. It was frightening. Wasn’t that blasphemous? If there was a hell, wouldn’t we be on our way? But we had ultimate trust in the channel, and all of us were testing in harmony.  So we took the plunge. And we said the words.  But, as all the work works, that is only the first step. You have to commit to the intention and say the words and ultimately, you expand into receiving the highest understanding and deliverance of the very words you are proclaiming.

So now, in this moment, once again we open the treasure chest to another great gift. I want you to read these words carefully: I Am the God That Is.
I Am the God That Is.
I Am the God That Is.
I want you to feel into the enormity of the words and more so, owning them. It takes us out of directing energy and INTO BEING IT. We have been playing with being the directors of energy for a while. A long while. And yes, that was a huge jump. But now, we must own BEING the energy. We are no longer the energy that is directing the energy. We are the energy Itself. So if we want the creation of a baby, we must know that “I Am the Baby.” If we want to have money, we must know that, “I Am Money.”  If we want health, we have to know, “I Am Health.”  The creation comes through me because IT IS ME. And that is why always holding ourselves in the present moment of creation is so vitally important, because wherever WE are, there also is our attention, focus and creation.

The first thing we are taught is: God is Love. And now we claim: I Am the God That Is. Ergo, I am the embodiment of love itself. That is, literally, what I am made of. And I use what is me to create what is outside of me. As within, so without. That is further understanding of why living in the state of love is so important: because then we live in the true expression of Who We Are…The God That Is.

Join me in this amazing journey back into the truth. Own it. Honor it. Be IT.

Blessings, Dee