I went to the shelter to find a dog this weekend. It’s time. My heart is finished mourning my beloved Savannah, so I visited three rescue centers to find the furry love that would fill my void. I saw some beautiful, loving, frisky dogs, but none of them were “her.” The people at the rescue centers kept trying to corner me on the specifics of what I was looking for. I replied that the only must was that she was…a she. I couldn’t, and didn’t choose to, pin it down any more than that. “She’ll find me,” I replied. Because they always do.

When Savannah came into our lives, I wasn’t even looking for a dog. Gabrielle and I were on our way to the mall, and when we got there, the whole rotunda was filled with rescue centers. Hundreds of little dogs were looking up with eyes that said, “Please take me.” But Gabrielle spied a white shepherd, shivering under a bench, and made a beeline over there. As she rushed up to inquire about the dog, the lady looked lovingly at Gabrielle. “Sweetheart,” she said sadly, “She has been under this bench shivering from fright for three days. She won’t come out. Go look at all these other beautiful doggies.” Without hesitation, Gabrielle replied, “She’ll come out for me.” She dropped to her stomach, flat on that cement rotunda floor, and beckoned to the dog. Slowly, but ever so surely, Savannah came crawling out. The woman was stunned. “I don’t believe what I’m seeing,” she stammered. I looked at her without hesitation. “We’ll take her.”

I could tell you many more stories of how my dogs have found me. They almost seem to set up the situations. So when I was making the rounds of the shelters, I was waiting for the dog…who was waiting for me. Waiting to choose me. I was almost ready to leave, and the volunteer helping me remembered a female one year old that was in quarantine with kennel cough. She wasn’t available to take home yet, but something made me insist on seeing that dog. I walked in, our eyes met, her paw extended, and I knew I had been chosen. The dog had found her forever home. Her name was Meredith. Soon to be changed to Freedom
I pondered many names, but Freedom is so up in our work right now that it seemed appropriate. And the more I played with it, the more perfect it became.
“Come on Freedom!”
“Let’s go for a walk, Freedom!”
“Wanna go for a ride Freedom?!”
“Want some love, Freedom?!”

How perfect, a constant reminder of calling for freedom in a bundle of joy and love. I could feel it all over my body and through my soul. I invite you, too, to call for Freedom right now in your lives. Freedom of health, freedom with money, freedom to love, freedom to celebrate. Watch the healing your Little Child experiences when they realize they are on board with you (and you with them) to call for and create freedom everywhere in your life. Feel the joy guys! Hallelujah and Praise the Lord! According to this dog playpen guide on DogProductPicker.com having the right playpen can protect your garden and furniture when your canine partner has a bit more energy than usual so keep that in mind when you find your bundle of joy, remember to train your doggy friends too, you don’t want a random pedestrian your dog just bit calling a law firm to start a dog bite case against you, you can click to learn more.

***A beloved member of our community, Jean Gerson-Greer, passed away from cardiac arrest last week. She has found her freedom. We celebrate ALL the beautiful energy she gave the world. Go get’em, baby!***

Blessings, Dee