Following your heart doesn’t mean doing anything you want.


It means listening to your heart guidance and following the highest choice around the question you have asked. It is truly knowing what “I Am that I Am” is actually about: the power to choose and define what kind of God we are by following our highest guidance.


When we follow our heart from the intention of Divine Love for All, especially ourselves, we define ourselves as “I Am the God of Me who is propelled by love in all decisions I make.” You can quickly see how that applies to even the most mundane situations.


If I want to lose weight, and I eat a half a pie, was that decision coming from love for myself?


If I am worried about money, and keep ordering things online and using my card, is that decision made from love for myself?


If I support people who do not treat others with dignity, respect and honor, is that a decision made from love for all energy?


If I do not give love to anyone who is in need of it (and who isn’t) is that a decision made from love?


So, following our heart is an imperatively important choice when we understand it in the highest way. And, of course, it all comes back to love. Love for ourselves. Love for the world. Love for love’s sake.


Remember, in the final moment of creation, there is only one question: Fear? or Love?



“Focus on you—your soul, spirit, blessings people with who you are, and following your heart’s passions.”

 -Ally Brooke