First, we must define genetics. A loosely accepted definition is “anything passed down from generation to generation.” That can include physical propensities such as heart attacks, diabetes, alcoholism etc…


In the terms of the channel, it definitely includes BELIEFS. Many beliefs are passed from generation to generation, creating “the sins of the fathers” continuing to be shared from generation to generation.


So, genetic relationships are relationships “passed down from one generation to the next.” That means we keep playing the patterns of our mother’s and father’s relationships, and our grandmother’s and grandfather’s and on back several generations. Until we wake up, and begin consciously creating the relationships, and the beliefs that support them, for ourselves. Which begins with creating the relationship with ourselves.


Our relationship with self is also genetic, because it is based on the belief systems of self-worth and self-love that were modeled to us. It is best exampled in the core belief: When I value myself, I have to abandon myself. This, according to the channel, is the most frequent genetic belief passed down in the relationship with ourselves. And this, in turn, affects relationships with all other people in our lives.


Let us become conscious, right now, that we are breaking this cycle of genetic relationships, and creating for ourselves the belief system of self-love, self-acceptance, and self-service through Divine Love. Then everyone wins.