OK Guys. It’s time for you to finally, once and for all, really understand what we are doing and how to work this creation process! I know it is ever expanding, AND you really should have the basics down by now.


1) If there is ANY part of you fighting the fact that you are God, and have the powerful creating abilities of this Creative Force, you will continue to be thwarted, to some degree, in your creation process. If we are made in the image and likeness … that means we are fractals which contain all the attributes of the whole. Accept this truth and power or not … you have free choice to create yourselves.


2) Choose what you want to create.


3) Commit


4) Take action from a place of love and joy.

5) Ask all energy (in all dimensions and galaxies) to partner with you FROM YOUR CLEAR DIRECTION to create what you want.


6) Be open to ALL possibilities!


7) Live in gratitude.


Many of you will read this and say, “I know.” Now, I want you to DO.


Live these truths as action in your everyday lives. Choose to see a world where this happens, a world seeing you succeeding in love and joy and prosperity. BE THE VIBRATION of what you desire.


It all starts within you!



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