Tis the season of giving. I love to give. I love buying special gifts for the people I love. I love giving the kids special experiences for special memories. I keep a Christmas closet where I store gifts all year long for the people I love!


Webster defines giving as “delivering freely.” To me, it is so very much more than that. We give freely, yes. But the real giving is from the heart. The true joy we feel in making someone else joyously happy with the surprise inside that pretty little (or big!) box! The unexpected treat received. The bonding that takes place in that precious moment of sharing. It feeds my soul, and makes me happy.


This year, let us “give” from the heart. Let us approach life with the true “attitude of gratitude,” and wallow in each moment of love shared with loved friends and family. Let us give ourselves the gift of the open, loving, joyous heart in the sharing of these moments. And may we take time to truly savor the love for ourselves that comes from true sharing and grateful receiving. Tis the season of giving, my beautiful people, and in your giving, love yourself for all you give!