‘Tis the season to give. And I want you to.

Giving opens up a joyful, happy, I-have-enough place that expands you and everyone you give to.

Unless you give from a victim place. No fun. For anyone.

So if we love ourselves, why not give from joy? And abundance? That’s the charge that comes back to us, and goes within us, to create more love for us!

Don’t identify giving with money. Identify it with love. The best gifts I ever received were picture collages and poems and love gifts made in grade school and offered with pride and satisfaction. Gifts from the heart. Gifts from the heart don’t cost anything, but are worth everything. Gifts from the heart can never have a price tag on them: they are priceless.

In this season of giving, I want you all to know I give, unwavering and with great joy, my love for all of you. You give me purpose and validation. You are the great receivers of my giving, and me of yours. It’s a Love Recigive we have going, and I treasure it like my daughter’s sweet gifts of childhood. Given freely and creatively, with love.

Go out and see everywhere you can give: smiles, a hug, help with a direction, and acknowledgment. Give until you burst. You will be the greatest receiver. Why not make an intention of living Recigive throughout these next few weeks. Who knows? We may like it so much we live it all year.

Blessings, Dee