…all the desires of your heart. That’s what it says in the good book. If we aren’t receiving them, we are in the way.

I have been heavy into excavating deep belief systems playing out that now, I realize, have been creating me for a very long time. The first I can remember was an instance in sixth grade when we went to Washington, D.C. with my church group. I was miserable, to myself and others. I complained. A lot. I wasn’t happy. Kind of reminiscent of how I have felt on the set this past season.

Quite frankly, I am tired of me. I am determined to know why this “creation of me” persists.

I have shared with you that I discovered the conflicting beliefs of:

The world sees me as less worthy/I have to let them know I am better.

This does not lead to a happy perspective. And a happy perspective is what I am DETERMINED to live from whether I get there today, or the last frickin’ day of my life.

Then, today I realized it started around second grade. Interesting, I thought, that my daughter lost her dad then.  It was years before she regained her power. Did we have correlating experiences somehow? No. But correlating belief systems? Yes. Beginning at approximately the same time? Yes. Hmmmm, was this genetic then? No.  Ancestral? No.  It was some kind of virus we were sharing. Now I am hooked. Now I HAVE to know. A physical virus? No. A mental virus? No.  A spiritual virus? YES! And most people share it, and it attacks around the end of first grade through second. It is the virus of:


We accept the messages passed down limiting us, conform, and begin creating ourselves from a place of “less than.” And we blame “them.” We have to blame them, because if we didn’t, we would have to move into our own power, and we are not safe there, because we were told to conform. Or else. Or else we won’t succeed, we won’t be loved, we won’t be safe.

And all that definitely stands in the way of us receiving all the desires of our heart.

But we can get out of the way. Right now. Right this minute. We can go for our gold and start new again, right now. We can delight and be joyful in who we are. That is true allowing, when we accept the championship of our own creation, and allow the Universe to deliver to us with arms wide open. I promise you, your world will change. Mine did.

Blessings, Dee