That’s right. Let’s talk about God today. God is good. God is love. God is You. God is Me. God is Everything and Everyone. God Is.

I guess I could end here. The above says it all. But let’s explore a little further.

Everything is Energy. And energy is everything and everywhere also. So…ergo, energy is God and God is energy. Energy cannot be deleted, but it can be redirected into a different intention.

God cannot be deleted, but can be directed personally by how we choose and focus that choice. From that understanding, the light of a prism is the same energy as God presenting Itself to us.

All matter is focused light. We are light. God is the Light of the World. Therefore, we focus the God of Us through choice and attention to that choice, which manifests as substance in the world as focused light. In this way, we truly create ourselves through, and with and by the light, be it the light of a prism or a rainbow or a vision of the Virgin Mary.

Science and religion are so very close. But where do they both drop out? Neither can fully be recognized as matter if our minds are closed to the possibilities of Everything and the All. The light can only manifest in form those unlimited thoughts and possibilities and unknowns that we open ourselves to. And that means being willing to…not know how to think. Imagine, yes. But not reason. Our minds scream out to us, “This doesn’t make sense!” But as Mark Twain said,  “You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.” Einstein brought in his greatest achievements “from his imagination.”

And yet our world today pushes us to keep a pace where imagination is threatened with electronics and lack of time and consumed energy and beliefs in limited possibilities. Our children don’t look for cloud animals. They push buttons. They have to LEARN before they have a chance to imagine. So if our world is manifested through the art of imagining the impossible so that God and Light can create new and fabulous and unheard of creations, where are we headed? Imagining takes time, in a quiet space…within. Imagining is a birthday every time in all moments when we get out of the way and allow “the still small voice” to be heard, so that we can focus our imagination on the…unthinkable. Only through imagination can we put the impossible out to the Ionosphere and have it sent back to us.

That is the true knowing of the statement, “Be still and know that I Am (you are) God.” That I Am the power, love, joy and choice. And then God and The Light follows in friendship and partnership for all our creations. Walk back into your imaginations my friends. Play and revel there. Imagine all you could receive to make you joyous and happy. Imagine to create!

Blessings, Dee