We have opened up another deeper, more expanded understanding of the creation process. As I was preparing information for a talk I am doing, I wrote down the principle, “Change your thought, change your life.” I heard a resounding no.

I was baffled. This has been a cornerstone of healing work for decades. I asked for clarity.
“It’s not change your thought. It’s change your thought process.”
OK. Semantics. But it really goes further. We literally have to shift the entire process of the thought pattern. And here it is.

1) Know that your physical reaction comes first. It is the energetic reaction that is automatic. THEN it jumps to the emotion it is tied to.

2) That creates the moment of CHOICE, where you choose the old way, or a new way.

3) This helps create a “new thought” or reinforces the “old thought,” or the new/old world. At this point, we choose to begin new synapse connections which will create different results, or enhance the continuation of the old.

4) This creates an electrical charge within us that emanates from us and is sent out into the Universe as a frequency.

5) The whole Universe responds IN HARMONY WITH what you send out, the old or the new. We send the frequency of fear, we attract and harmonize with fear within the Universe, and it with us. Same for love. Same for money.

6) This is the most important step in the process: Allow and receive your new creation. You DESERVE IT. You are deserving of all your good.

Remember, the validation from the material word comes AFTER the consistent new thought process holds focus. After the consistent new thought process holds focus. After the consistent new thought process holds focus.

Go to your heart, then direct the brain. This creates the balance of masculine and feminine energy which is necessary for creation.

Are we loving ourselves enough to create this?

Blessings, Dee