What’s the point? 

Literally, those are the words I was given. What’s the point of these two “pointless” emotions? 

We carry them with us like a badge we had to win for a sport we never wanted to play.

We know that guilt and humiliation break our bodies down, cut off our creative connection to the One Energy (or the EXPERIENCE of It, since we are never disconnected), cut off all possibilities, and keep us in the never-ending cycle that’s called, “I never get what I want.”

Why do we still need to live in these emotions?!!!

If we know we have to CHOOSE the thought and emotion we want in the creation of our lives, why are we still choosing to feel these things?

We DO know we have a choice about this, right?

Here’s what the channel is inviting us to do around humiliation and guilt:

1) If we keep sending out those electrical signals, the Universe HAS to keep creating those experiences in our lives.  To change them, new electrical signals of self love and self acceptance need to be sent.

2) The belief, “Even though I love you, I’m threatened by you, and I’m glad to get rid of you,” helps perpetuate these feelings. What that means is, “Even though I love me, I’m threatened by my power so I’ll choose to stay stuck and turn against myself.”

3) Believing that: “things don’t change,” and “I’ve always felt like this and this is the way it’s always been,” cuts our creation process down with an energetic buzz saw and, again, cuts off all possibilities in your NEW choice of creation.

So it’s our choice. 

Right now, in this moment, are you sick and tired of being a victim? Great. Decide. NO MORE. 

I Am creating me in self love and self acceptance. 

I Am awesome and magnificent and I love myself, no matter what anyone else thinks of me, or what I may have screwed up in the past. 

Because this is my moment, and I’m creating it the way I choose my life to be right now.   


And so it is!  


“It has always been a mystery to me how men can feel honored by the humiliation of their fellow human beings”  

-Mahatma Ghandi

“Do not dishonor yourself through self humiliation”

-Dee Wallace