I always throw a big dinner on Easter. This year, I spaced out and booked a convention this weekend. It’s been a trip watching my Inner Me as it battled out the old trainings/beliefs/desires about Easter, like “I should buy a new dress/I should celebrate with family/I should go to church” with the “today” me, that was saying, “You just threw a wedding and did two films, it’s o.k. not to have a big dinner.”


The point is, I LOVE having the dinner, despite the work and the clean-up. I love getting my friends together, and in some special way I feel like I am honoring my mom and grandmother who taught me this lovely tradition. And you know what? Both are o.k. at different times. And I get to choose to be o.k. with that.


Next year, I will get to continue the tradition of the Easter Egg Hunt with my new grandson, and show him his first Easter dinner. I get to pass on those treasured traditions. That is an honor and joy I relish.


I am wishing that you had a love-filled Easter, no matter what your choice was. Here’s to new beginnings and new life!