…seems to be up for a lot of people right now. Whether it is major illness or lighter “challenges” that you can work through, many people just don’t feel great. And I want to know why.


The channel’s info:


We are beat down. Emotionally and spiritually. The effects of watching our beautiful country in hate and dysfunction, is getting to all of us in ways we are not even aware of. When our energy becomes affected, our bodies follow.


The major signal we are sending out is: I have no control over my world. And our bodies are part of that world.


I Can Never be God is the core belief we are being tested with. We must know that the more we KNOW and PRACTICE that through love, the more health our world, and our bodies, create. ALWAYS GO TO WHAT YOU WANT AND FEEL LOVE INTO THAT. Create what you WANT. Not what the news is showing you.


I have always been in the practice of watching the news so I can balance what is going on. I am not doing that now. I am only focusing on peace, unity, love and joy. Please join me.