This is my choice, my focus and my intention: to clearly understand and experience healing ourselves physically. We know all dis-ease, and therefore healing, begins energetically.


Anywhere you are fighting yourself, your energy, and therefore your body, is out of harmony and alignment with itself. So, the first step in healing ourselves … in creating perfect health and wellness … is getting our energy and belief systems aligned and in harmony so the totality of Us is working together.


That means 1) we love ourselves, 2) we know we deserve our desires, 3) we give ourselves full permission to create and accept the physical manifestations of what we want, 4) we know that perfect health (and all things) are possible, and 5) we ALLOW the flow with the dance of The Universe to create with Us.


Here are the steps to achieve the above:

1) Love yourself. Unconditionally

2) Know and choose that you want perfect health

3)Choose to Know you are open to that possibility

4) Hold firm that intention

5) Connect that with love (hold no agenda to “make something happen”)

6) Direct yourself to be integrated in your choice of health and wellness. All of you here, in all dimensions, and all time/space continuum and all energy in between.

7) Choose to put yourself first in your choice of health and love. Put your own mask on first. Love yourself, and others, enough to choose that.


Of course, all this is not possible is you refuse to accept that you are the God and Creator of You. You are your own responsibility. You get to choose … You. And in that choice comes the power to choose your life and health and wellness.


I will be continually bringing in new information about this. So … keep tuned.


“Being human can only be defined as being limitless. When we impose limitations, we diminish being human. That’s the truth of metareality (beyond human), a truth we can inch toward step by step until it becomes a living reality for as many people as possible, including you and me.”

 -Deepak Chopra